This Dream I Had About Casual Lunges

In this dream I had last night I was at a house party. I was carrying around a large green suitcase with a change of clothes. The party involved taking buses, like old trolleys, to other parts of the house, and I sat next to a guy and we got along. It was a bit flirty but mostly friendly. I thought we might hang out at the party, but as we got off the bus he started singing a love song to “sweet, sweet cigarettes” so I lunged away from him. Like several long, low stretchy lunges. Because lunges are very casual/sneaky.

I found my friend Emilie. She really enjoys a good lunge. She asked if I had a good book recommendation. We got back on the bus and I could see the whole bus route in my mind, and suddenly I knew we’d have to go past places where they were triaging the wounded…



This is real life. No matter what I am doing – partying or lunging – somewhere they are triaging the wounded. I work quietly on my laptop while there are waking realities infinitely stranger and more nightmarish than my dreams happening  just down the street. It feels like I can’t quite take in enough life to do justice to it all. Maybe that’s why I’m interested in all the life I’m living while I’m asleep.

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