A Dream I Had: Incoming Birthday Pancakes!

Photo by Jane Gregory.

Weirdly perfect photo by Jane Gregory.

In this dream I had recently I am sitting in a Cosmic Diner.

I’ve never been to this place in real life.

I get the vibes there’s Space outside.

Image from Deep Space Diner VR Game.

My waitress is cosmically large and insubstantial. It occurs to me now she is like Jupiter the gas giant. She is glorious.

She yells INCOMING BIRTHDAY PANCAKES and pancakes fly like UFO’s out of the kitchen window, across the Cosmic Diner and onto my plate.

Incidentally, I’m not me, I’m my friend who is a badass lawyer I admire. But I’m also me. And I’m not surprised by the hovering arrival of birthday pancakes.

Because apparently: I am a regular in the Cosmic Diner.

The waitress is not thrilled by the flying pancakes in her way, but I dig in, and she says:


(I am a messy eater, but take this to mean it’s OK.)

And the pancakes are the best I have ever had.

In 1961 there was a UFO encounter involving pancakes.

Image from Butterfly Language.

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