Risa Evelyn Dickens

Montreal, QC, CA.

MA, Media Studies. Concordia University 2006.
BA, Honours English. McGill University 2003.
DEC, Liberal Arts. Dawson College 1999.


Experienced project manager, passionate speaker, weirdly calm event producer, excitable artist, family storyteller. Conceived, negotiated and executed marketing programs for Yelp, a website ranked in top 50 U.S. internet domains. Managed teams of marketing coordinators, interns, brand ambassadors. Proven track record of building community in the real world and online from the ground up.


Senior Community and Marketing Director:, 2016-Present.
Community Director:, 2014-Present.
Senior Community Manager:, 2013-2014.
Part-Time Community Manager:, 2011-2012.
Content Executive:, 2009-11.
Co-founder, Executive Producer:, 2006-11.
Research Assistant: William Buxton, Concordia University 2004-2006.
Teaching Assistant: Rae Staeseson, Advanced Television and Video, Concordia 2004-2005.

Select Events:

The End of Poverty: Getting Basic Income Right in Canada, 2017.
Yelp Gets LIT, Literacy Campaign, 2017.
A Creative Conversation About Basic Income, 2016.
Yelpoween 1,2,3 producer, 2014-2016.
Passovah Festival Launch at Theatre Fairmount, producer, 2015.
Museapalooza, stage manager for six stages, Nashville 2015.
Jue Art Market, stage manager two stages, Beijing 2015.
Yackathon, Yelp’s Community Hackathon, producer, 2015-2016.
Yelp Helps fair at the Fringe Festival, producer, 2012-2015.
Sun Ra Arkestra Free Workshop and Jam with Tribal Belly Dancers, producer, 2008.
The Monthly Mess, inter-arts monthly showcases, producer, 2006-2011.
Showcases for McGill University, Fringe Festival, POP Montreal, producer, 2006-2011.
24hr Music Video Making Contests with bands and video makers, producer 2006-2007.
24hr Consistent Variable Design Projects, producer, 2006.
Open Source for Artists workshops, producer, 2006-2010.
Community clothing swaps, producer, 2006-2010.
Art Relays with, producer, 2008-2009.
Graffiti Jams on cars and canvas, producer, 2007-2008.

Select Technical:
Office: Google Docs, Word, Open Office.
Creative: Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut, Gimp.
Social: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Vimeo.
CMS: WordPress, Typepad, Blogger, Google Sites.

800+ blog posts for Indyish, Midnight Poutine, Huffington Post, Medium.
800+ Yelp reviews.

Print – Non-Fiction:
“No One Knows Everything: Open Source and the Crisis in Public Opinion.” Master’s thesis published by VDM Verlag Books. Berlin, Spring 2008.
“Put Me On” for Worn Fashion Journal Spring 2008.
“Close Like Light” for Worn Fashion Journal Fall 2008.
“What Not to Wear to the Revolution” for Worn Fashion Journal Spring 2007.
“Live and Let Dry” for Worn Fashion Journal Spring 2007.
“Fashioning Fiction: Vivian Westwood’s Autobiography by Someone Else” for Worn Fashion Journal Fall 2006.
“The Crisis in Public Opinion.” Dr. Buxton co-author. Canadian Journal of Communication Fall 2006.
“Infiltrate and Electrify: What are your clothes hiding?” for Worn Fashion Journal Spring 2006.
“Flock of Chic” for Worn Fashion Journal Spring 2006.
“Consistent Variable Project” for Worn Fashion Journal Fall 2005.
“Couture Culture” for Worn Fashion Journal Fall 2005.
“Hip Hop and Street Consciousness” for Canadian Journal of Communication. Vol.29 no.1 2004.
“Evolve or Die” for Hotel: A Critical Review Vol.2 2003.

Print – Fiction and Poetry:
“To the Polar Bear at the Toronto Zoo 1986 you were my first love” 2009.
“Language Lessons” 1-4 Duck and Herring Co. Pocket Field Guides. 2005-2006.
“Consistent Variable Project Workbook” Chapbook, 2005.
“Workings” Chapbook, with Robyn Fadden, 2005.

Conference Papers:
“Harold Adams Innis and The Crisis in Public Opinion” Dr. William Buxton co-author. Canadian Communications Association, Communication History panel June 2005.
“Russell Simmons and the making of Hip Hop” Canadian Communications Association, Music Panel June 2004.